VisionQuest is an association of health care professionals and community members established to provide free eye care services to severely underserved communities worldwide and to develop leadership, teamwork skills and a spirit of service among participants. We have been working in the Dominican Republic since 1994 and are offering services in our newly opened eye infirmary.

An initial survey of the work site was completed in May 1995 and identified many grave ocular disorders. We found that the people of this region never had access to eye care. Our first project accomplished 54 surgical procedures, visual screening of 800 people, and distribution of 500 eyeglasses. The team provided eye examinations identifying acute and chronic pathologies and provided eyeglasses, medical therapy and cataract surgery. In addition, each participant came home with an album full of pictures, an hour's worth of stories, and a list of new friends. Since that first mission, VisionQuest has completed eight more projects, bringing the total number of patients served to over 3,350.

In January 1999 we opened an eye clinic that now offers free care to the region. The location we chose is within 30 minutes reach of 30,000 people, 2 hours reach of 150,000 and will be the only regional center for eye care. In 1998 and this year we received Lions Clubs International Foundation grants totalling $25,000 that were used to purchase surgical equipment and instruments. Since the building phase of our project was completed we have dedicated our efforts to equipping the facility. We have enough space for two operating tables and two examination lanes in addition to the pre- and post-op areas, reception, etc.

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